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9/11 and Terrorism

* This was an OLD, and I do stress OLD assignment from a course in Anti-Terrorism I completed in college. I dug it up, and decided to put it on here for review. Just FYI, I received a mark of 98 on this paper. *

Assignment 1: Have the events of September 11th, 2001 personally impacted you?

By Mark Kopczynski

The events of September 11th were ultimately astounding. Such an event had a globally resonating impact on the thoughts, and perceptions of the world. While this was not the first ever 'terrorist' attack, it was with its magnitude, and symbolic impact that it changed society as we know it. These attacks were meant to inspire terror, and instill a sense of vulnerability in the hearts of not only American citizens, but the entire global community. Society has greatly changed as a direct result, but, I cannot honestly say that I personally have readjusted myself to the ominous threat of terrorism.

It is amazing to see how one single event, not to de-legitimize it, can completely re-shape society and decimate a society's trust in their government. As a fairly intelligent and politically aware citizen, I have far greater things of importance to worry about - than terrorism. While people frantically purchased supplies for our 'imminent', and endless possibilities of a strike, I lived my life just as I would any other time. I cannot begin to conceive how, or more importantly - why - we (as a society) feel we are any better or worse off in regards to defending ourselves from another atrocity. This event happened out of nowhere, as we are told, and had no real legitimate points of forewarning. So in this, how are we to plan for the prevention of the next possible attack? It is with this question that I push my case; I cannot spend my time worrying over something that I do not have control over.

These attacks, to us, appear at random, and it is inconceivable to be able to detect, and deter every, if any, attack that is being launched. I continue on, day to day, with the respect that we are not some 'superpower', that reign's supreme over all - but moreover I understand that at the heart of terrorism is fear. Fear of an attack only prompts success, in the eyes of the oppressors. I am a bit cynical, in terms of the U.S. Government, for I know that there is no possible way to thwart all attacks and that I cannot place one hundred percent of my responsibility on them. But, in my eyes, these are attacks sent out as messages to the government, and its people, so none of us is granted amnesty from the aftermath. Can I single handedly blame the government for not being better prepared against the unforeseen, no. Better lines of communication may help, but will never alleviate this ever-present problem.

So in closing, I have not changed even slightly in my daily routines. Terrorism is now just part of my repertoire and I view it as just another part of worldly politics. My views, right are wrong, reflect what I have come to understand and believe to be ultimately true. I also am appreciative that I was not directly involved in the attacks that took place on September 11th, 2001.