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9 - Vampire the Masquerade

Mopping Up Blood

Well, I headed upstairs to the office of the Asylum and knocked. When I entered, there was Jeanette. She was still dressed the same way, except for a black bra and panty peeking out, along with black thigh highs. I know I am supposed to be dead, and so is she, but I tried not to drool.

"Hello, duckling," she said, jiggling her chest. "Back already? That was quick. Have you recovered Therese"s chastity belt, or whatever it was she wanted you to get?"

"Yes," I blurted out. "I have it here."

"May I see it?"

I paused for a few seconds, recovering my cool. "Sorry, Jeanette, but it is for Therese only." I am a man, or a vampire, of honor. I honor my deals.

"I"m not just some silly sex doll," she said, with a pout. "I know what Therese told you, but this club"s success is just as much my hard work as hers."

"Sorry, Jeanette," I responded. "I sympathize, but this deal was with her."

"Well," and here she brightened, "since you handled those ghosts, perhaps you could do something for me."

"What do I get out of it?" I was learning the vampire game.

"Listen," she said, and she did oral sex on her index finger again, "Do you know the Gallery Noir on Main Street? There is an art show there. On the second floor, there are some really bad paintings that Therese and I want destroyed. Head over there and slice them. You have a knife?"

"Yes, I have a knife."

"Now," she said, "cut the paintings in order. One, two, three, and four. They are labeled. Then come back here, duckling. I am sure Therese will sweeten the pot, and, if she doesn"t, I can find something fun for you."

"Okay," I said, and turned to leave, thoughts of carnal fun dancing in my brain.

"Oh, and there is something about the paintings," she said, her voice sort of airy. "Oh, well. Have fun, duckling. When you come back, you can tell me all about it."

I headed to the gallery, found a side door, and picked the lock. It wasn"t much of a gallery, and I didn"t think the art was all that great, at least the art on the first floor. It looked like a bunch of Picasso wannabe"s painted it. There were also a few tasteless nudes. I headed to the second floor, viewed the paintings, and began to have second thoughts about slashing them.

Painting one was "Cain Slays Abel." Two was "Cain Cursed by God." Three: "Cain Meets Lilith." And four was "Cain Spurns Lilith." I thought they were good. In fact, I thought that they were very good. Still, a deal was a deal. I took my knife out of my backpack, and went to work. And I got the crap scared out of me.

Four bolts of blood erupted from the paintings and merged in the center of the room. They formed some kind of man-like monster that was made of blood. The thing attacked me, and began whacking me with its hands. The blood burnt. It hurt. And I could see my skin burning where it touched me. I began to run for my life, heading down the stairs.

I got downstairs, and the thing kept chasing me. I figured I would have to fight it. I began slashing the blood monster with my knife. It was like slashing a waterfall. I was doing no damage at all. And the thing kept hitting me, burning more and more of my flesh away.

Then, I had a flash. I had that power that could make humans vomit blood. I called it Purge. I decided to use it. I focused, and hit the monster with it. He paused, vomited some blood, and resumed his chase. There was a puddle of blood where he vomited, and he was a little smaller. I hit him with Purge, again, and again, and again. And it was working. The downside was that my blood supply was getting low. I didn"t want to Frenzy, but I felt I had to take a chance. I hit him one more time. He was now the size of a football.

I was light-headed, and I knew I had to feed. I had used a lot of my power on this monster. But now the thing could no longer hurt me. I found a janitor"s closet, opened the door, and got a mop. I soaked it in hot water, walked over to the monster, and mopped up! So much for that. I left the gallery and headed to the Asylum.

Once in the Asylum, I found a drugged-out Goth guy. I fed. Then I found his date, and fed on her. I could feel my burns healing, and I was feeling okay. I would feed one more time, and then head for home. But first, I wanted to see Jeanette.

I went up to the office, knocked, and entered. Therese was there.

"YOU!" she shouted.

And I knew I was in trouble.


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Very nice.
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Bitter-sweet; good work