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34 - Vampire the Masquerade

Making Some Vampires Angry

Now the endgame was set. It was check, and soon to be mate, but we did not know that. It was Wesley and I against LaCroix. We knew LaCroix was powerful, but we really didn"t know the extent of his allies. And neither of us knew just how strong his enforcer was.
We had our own allies. We didn"t know it, but there were some in the vampire community who were 100% in our camp. Bertram was one and Jack was another. So was Jeanette. And, surprisingly enough, so was Maxmillian Strauss. I figured that if we knocked off LaCroix, Maxmillian was only too willing to become the Camarilla Prince. As for my driver, well, he had gone silent. All he did was smile. I had a feeling he knew a lot more than he was telling, but, for now, he was saying nothing. Well, we would corner him again after we finished LaCroix.

I approached Jeanette and asked her if we could use the Asylum for a meeting. She said yes. We got the word out on the meeting, and began our three-week wait for that night. But Wesley and I were not idle. We were scouting and planning our attack on LaCroix"s haven, the LaCroix Towers.

Meeting night arrived, and Jack, Jeanette, and I waited at the Asylum for the participants.
Jeanette was dressed in her usual oversexed schoolgirl attire, her top barely covering her breasts. Some kind of flowery panties peeked out from underneath the plaid skirt. She looked ready for fun.

A few Anarchs arrived first, accompanied by Jack. Next came Bertram. And Beckett was there, along with some Nosferatu. And there were a few minor vampires from Isaac"s contingent in Hollywood. Gary did not show. Well, I guess we were not important enough. I was about to change that.

"I want to thank you all for coming," I said. "Let me begin by apologizing for the Blood Hunt on Nines." Here the Anarchs grumbled.

"I never told LaCroix," I continued, "that Nines killed Grout. I said something that looked like Nines was at Grout"s mansion. Wesley and I now know that person was Ming Jaio, the head of the Kuei-Jin. She was a shape shifter. I don"t know for certain if she killed Grout, but it appears that way."

The Anarchs chatted away. I had caused a stir. Jack sat back, on a barstool, and smiled. I waited until the Anarchs quieted.

"Now," I said, "Wesley and I are in possession of the Ankaran Sarcophagus, as well as the key."

Here the chatting turned into loud shouts. Some were shouting at me, and some of the vampires were shouting at each other. I stood, quietly, and then I asked for silence. Everyone quieted.

"As I said," I said, "Wesley and I have the sarcophagus. And the key. It is in a safe place. It will be our decision as to what happens with it."

"What gives you the right to make that decision?" an Anarch shouted.

"Several things," I responded. "One, Wesley and I destroyed the Sabbat. Their haven was in the Hallowbrook Hotel. We took them out, along with their leader. You Anarchs and the Camarilla sat on your fat asses while Wesley and I did the work. So shut the fuck up!"

Everyone began yelling. It was Jack who quieted them. "Let him finish!" he shouted.

"Two," I said. "Wesley and I have destroyed Ming Jaio and the Kuei-Jin. That was something your bumbling agent, Barabbas, could not do." Here I looked right at the Nosferatu.

No one said anything.

"Now, here is the deal," I said. "Wesley and I are going after LaCroix. We don"t want Anarch help because we don"t need it. And I honestly believe that the Nosferatu are incapable of pulling themselves away from their computers and cell phones for five minutes to help us out. And, if they did, Gary would put a price on it. As for Isaac and his Toreadors, well, throughout this entire affair they have been about as useful as tits on a bull. They can fuck off for all I care."

Everyone was seething. They were really angry. But they all knew that we spoke the truth. I had rendered them ineffectual. All they could do was stand on the sidelines and watch.

"Now," I continued, "I don"t know if Wesley and I will succeed or not. I think we will, because LaCroix is insane. If we fail, he will rule L. A., because none of you have the guts or power to stop him. If we succeed, Maxmillian Strauss, the Tremere Regent, becomes the Prince of the Camarilla. And Wesley and I support him one thousand percent. So, go back to your Regents and tell them they have three choices. They can lead, follow, or stay the hell out of the way. At this point, Wesley and I prefer that they stay the hell out of the way."

With that, Wesley and I turned and left. We never saw Jack, Jeanette, and Bertram applauding. Becket followed us outside.

"Whatever you do," Beckett said, "don"t open the sarcophagus!"

"What"s the matter, Beckett?" I asked. "Scared the bogey man might come out?"

"Just don"t open it!" he shouted.

"Listen," Wesley said, "whatever ancient that was inside of the thing is out. It is now out and about, and roaming L. A. But if you want to examine the outside, you are welcome to come up to my place and do so."

"It"s not that," Beckett said. "Jack got to it first at the museum. He said that the sarcophagus was open and empty when he examined it. He filled the damned thing with C-4 and trip wired the lid. He figured that Randy would deliver it to the prince, and when LaCroix opened it, BOOM! Bye-bye Sebastian!"

Wesley and I laughed our asses off.

"Okay, we won"t open it," I said. "See you when this is all over, Beckett." We got in the cab and headed for Wesley"s haven.

"You know, dude," Wesley said, "Jeanette couldn"t take her eyes off of you. She is hot to trot. She is warm for your form."

"Right, Wesley," I said.

"Listen, duckling," and here he grinned wickedly, "maybe you ought to find out if vampires can have sex. You could easily do a lot worse than Jeanette."

"Right now," I said, "let"s deal with LaCroix. Then, maybe, I will get friendly with Jeanette."

Wesley just grinned.

Time to plan for the checkmate move.


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Commented Jul 14, 2017, 10:58:04 AM
Not my kind of story, but then, why did I read it all the way through? And why am I curious about what comes next? That's a mystery.
Good writing technically. Only spotted one typo: '...was as an emotional...' reads as if there's an extra word or an omitted one.

PS Say 'Hi' to my old pal Justin if you run into him in the hereafter and ask him where he left my album.
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Don Roble

Commented Jul 15, 2017, 12:43:26 AM
Well done. This could be expanded easily.
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Commented Aug 13, 2017, 7:05:31 PM
I really want to see where you take this.