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Submitted Oct 26, 2009, 8:58:23 PM

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Before writing anything I would like to introduce myself, as I'm new to this site.
I'm a 19 year old spanish (catalan) student. Never writen anything selfmotivated before. Coming here in search of potential artistic means of expression in wich I may, or may not have any hability, but anyway, feeling open to discover.

My english will have to be, at times, excused.

Zen and the art of motorcicle maintenance , by Robert M. Pircig, exposing an idea of free education, finds a brilliant excercise for developing an hability for writing. It is to write all you can about the one side of a coin.

A goldened twenty cent piece couldn't be a worse representation for the extramaterial value it claims. Cheaply made shines plastic reflexes, for it's quality is in our minds as fake as it is in the metal piece: painted in artificial goodness.
Wile Cervantes blankliy faces how his vaned image cries over the coin seeker urangutans he now dopes. While contributing to each one of their devolutions. He's actualy a blind representation of how another attempt to unify men (well, only rich europeans of us. We wouldn't want savage outlanders disrupting this forced hug of ours), converting to the ununification of human kind, in each of its individuals, by acting alzeimic with each one of our beloved unmaterial goods.
So then, in this pricing fashion, humanity has managed to devaluate its self under something apparently quite a bit as simple as accumulated ions who once swimmed in liquid rock.
How happily the cicle is ended: from rock came the human, and to rock he wishes to return.


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Commented Sep 9, 2015, 5:27:39 PM
lol "It all comes out the same." How true!

By the way, you can eat rat. But most people don't. The people who eat that sort of thing usually eat squirrel, which is nothing more than a rat with a bushy tail.

Good job, Don.
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Commented Sep 9, 2015, 9:52:07 PM
A fun tale - I laughed at the man spitting on Rob's hand. Enjoyed most once they had reached the camp. I thought it had character. At the beginning there was a lot of screaming and 'the man' - perhaps a small thing to improve.
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Commented Oct 20, 2015, 9:58:47 PM
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