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Hello, my name is Will. I chose William for this because the name is almost Victorian. This I sometimes use because I like the aesthetic of the Victorian language. I often use the alias Shakespeare for things but this seemed too presumptuous for a writing forum. I think his writing is enjoyable. I'm quite musically oriented as well as an athlete. I used to be an avid photographer. I love to play and i love to think and i love to find beauty. I still have faith in humanity but i think we need a little bit of inspiration.

I like to write about ironies or make light or take the piss out of common cultural norms. Most because i don't like certain wrongs in the world or i just see a better way to live -- a happier way. Mostly i just have ideas. Whether they come out in the form of a story, a list, a song, or something else, i do my best to get my ideas across and possibly inspire those who read my words. Unfortunately, i still feel like I have a rigid mind (something I'm working on). I don't often write stories in my point of view, but rather to express certain ideas or ironies. Writing stories helps me discover the questions i have and find the way forward. Which path is "right" i still don't really know. But like one of my friends says, "If you try your hardest things will just work out." I found this hard to 'believe' but i did; then later I found truth in the question: What happens when all logic and reason say is to Believe? Food for thought i guess

My goal is just to have fun and enjoy what i love to do -- write.

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100 Pound Marlin
A prose poem by XenaLynn13
There’s plenty of fish in the sea but what if you feel like the only one.