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I love to write about Native Americans, and I love to read westerns, and watch John Wayne movies. I guess you can say I am old fashioned, and I am only 24 in a half. I love Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis on Colgate Comedy hour, see that's how old fashion I am, most kids my age don't even know who they are. My adopted mom tells me I was born in the wrong time era. I guess I was, because I love antiques, vintage, a that old stuff. I am Native American Indian, but my birth family does not know what kind, because they can't find their grandma. My brother and I were adopted when we were just babies, so we don't know much about our heritage, our birth parents, or even if we really are Indians. But I don't know. I do a lot of research on them, I even know a little bit of the Lakota language. I am a Pentecostal, Holy Ghost, baptize in Jesus Name (Acts2:38). I have Cerebral Pasly, but not bad, I can walk, talk, run, jump, roller blade, now my grandpa is teaching me how to count money. I am not real good at telling time, I don't know where to put certain things in my writing, but I love to write. I don't use any form of bad language in my stories. I love to talk about Jesus and what all he has done for me and other people. Especially small bible study's. I wrote a story called On Being Pentecostal, and why we do things, and why we don't do things. I will post it on here also. I love Indian movies. One day I hope to meet Eddie Spears, Michael Spears, Adam Beach, Lite Foot, Irene Bedard, Tantoo Cardinal, Chris Eyre, Wes Studi and his daughter, Ryan Black, and Michael Greyeyes.

Submitted Writings

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Manifest chapters 1&2
A thriller fiction story by SmippleRumpskin
I rewrote the first 2 chapters because they sucked, hopefully you’ll agree.
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Manifest: Chapter 4: Let’s leave the cafe.
A thriller fiction story by SmippleRumpskin
A stop at a cafe turns bloody as our protagonists struggle to escape a snipers bullets.
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Manifest: Chapter 3: Lets go to a cafe.
A thriller fiction story by SmippleRumpskin
Our protagonist follows his would be murderer to a cafe to ask her questions about his new found abilites. What could possibly go wrong?