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I am a writer. I think I've always been a writer, or at least I've always been one that thought up stories. Worlds of the fictional-past, with lands and cultures and morals that have been forgotten or never existed, with creatures who certainly never existed outside of imagination, and with people who are entirely fictional and yet extensions of myself.

Fantasy basically.

But outside of the basics it was and is far more.

At first I sketched out stand alone novels- a tome per setting and set of characters, neatly done up to be read, finished, and put down- perhaps thought about if it was a particularly moving tale. But that was never enough- I always wanted to know what the future children were up to, or what the ancestors had gone through. Then certain characters seemed to appear in more than one novel, and over time I merged what were dozens of stories and novels into a solid and still expanding history. It's a mythology all its own now, and something I am deeply proud of.

It isn't something often seen. The occasional high fantasy book series will do this and do it well, but no more than 'occasionally.' And to attempt to explain it will gain only curious looks and questions as to whether it's "Like Tolkien?" (Or Martin or Erikson or Jordan).

And it isn't. Or at least I don't believe so- this being backed up by the fact that I've only skimmed Tolkien, read sections of Martin, have yet to read Erikson, and haven't yet even bought Jordan.

On my last count I had a roughly a thousand characters whose lives I've been thinking about (in some cases) since I was eight years old. In other cases I know nothing more than a name. But they are there, and they are mine and they are all in my head, but they are so very real.

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Two wed necromancers use their dark magick to concieve a child.
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Pearroc's Conception
A fantasy story by VMJ
Two wed necromancers use their dark magick to concieve a child.