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Kay let's be quick about this, just kidding :) Hey my name is Sarena, I've been writing stories since 1st grade. Although I don't have the time to write stories, I do create short stories with songs I'm listening to. I'm in 7th grade, 2nd semester. I love to sing and draw as well. I don't visit this site a lot, so you can contact me on msn or at converted link . My favorite colors are Red,Black,Purple, and Blue. I do take most of my stories and animate them into youtube videos. My favorite type of music is RnB and Rock. I also like Eminem, but that's my only favorite rapper. I do kinda rap, but only Eminem, yes I actually rap him not edit it at all. Music is my life, without it I'm nothing. As a warning, I may be Bipolar I. Not so sure yet... Pretty sure I'm not. Feel free to ask me questions! :) This bio. about me may make me look so boring, but seriously I'm so crazy and weird :P

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First chapter of unnamed unfinished story
A general fiction story by Robertino Chezak
The last time I tried to write a story, it was horrible. I'm worried that the one I'm trying to write now is going in the same direction. Can you help me by reading this chapter and telling me how good/bad it is. If it's really bad, I'll drop the story