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I am an avid writer with what I hope is a deep imagination.

I have had a love affair with books since I could read and now over the last few years have been writing myself.

The first story I wrote was when I was seven and now I wish I had never stopped. I stopped because like most people I had no self belief and mainly used it for escapism then but now it is completely different for me - I write because I love literature yes but its more because unlike artists I cannot express what is in my mind through drawings, paintings or sculptures - I really have no artistic talent so I believe I express my vivid, hungry imagination through my written words.

I have recently gotten so enthralled in my writing that most of the time it is all I can think about when I get home and often I will awake in the night from a dream and have to right it down instantly or I will witness something so beautiful it will instantly cause my mind to wander to my own (which is wonderful to me) world and then my words will flow with such satisfying ease that it has become extremely hard to ignore.

Music and visually beautiful things are some of the magnifiers for my mind and this is usually one of the first things I will ask another writer - some say silence, ticking of a clock, music, sat within beautiful surroundings and many other things but whatever the vice, it never fails to fascinate me what people use to help them switch off from the world around them and how very different we all are from one another yet we all strive for the same thing - personally composed, brilliant writing.

Whilst reading other peoples work I tend to lean towards Horror and fantasy fiction but I'm also open minded and will read almost anything that grips me. I have completed two books, both within the Fantasy genre but I have just started two new ones; one of which is more human interest than anything else and the other, Horror.

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A general fiction story by chika
The flag is stitched, the crescent a little crooked but who cares, we have a flag and finally we can go to the roof to put it up. We aren't going to be the house without a flag!