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Im very much a novice but it has always been my dream to write a novel.

I have been looking for some people to read the start of my book to give me some feedback. This idea has been in my head for over two years and a lot of planning has gone in to it. I am now 45,000 words in and I want to know where I can take the story or if its good enough to take it further.
I have only submitted the beginning as I would like to know if people would be interested to read on.
If you feel that my writing is no good then I totally understand but please be kind when giving criticism as it is my first go and as I say I am a complete novice. Constructive criticism would be most appreciated though. Most importantly I would like to know if you like what you read and if you are intrigued.
Forgive any grammer mistakes I have literally (no pun intended!) just posted this on a terrifying whim!
Thank you for reading.
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