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I wrote poetry years ago but lost my desire to create. However, because of my recent exposure to a new musician I have found new inspiration and reason to write again. For that I am forever grateful. To Kiefer Sutherland, thank you for sharing your gift with us. Please consider this a thank you and a (living) tribute to you. Not all my poems will be about you but you can be assured they only exist because of God and you. I can tell you have a beautiful soul! =)

Submitted Writings

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A prose poem by hviturhiminn
the title was a prompt by one of my followers from and i giggled when i wrote this. tee-hee.
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By The Piano I Weep
A prose poem by hviturhiminn
This is another collaboration work with Hilmo Thioherdiza for Lustroom art exhibition. You can see the piece hanging on Kalampoki's wall. For those who may concern: I use Carmilla story and Neutral Milk Hotel's "Holland, 1945" as references.
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A prose poem by hviturhiminn
This is a poem i submitted for The Love Lantern's zine by Buried Bones Press. Then, the talented drew the illustration (you have to check his page, totally). The collaborated piece exhibited in Libido and now you can see it hanging on Kalampoki's bathroom wall as a part of...