The Garden of Earthly Delights

Story written by Bambi on Thursday 4, October 2007

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Is it real?

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'Dead men tell no lies' Blinding head pain. This was not supposed to happen! It was like his skull was being ripped apart from the inside. Blood pulsating like constant hammering. Where had the light gone? Where was that serendipitous peace and tranquillity? Sam thrashed and struggled clutching his head. Strange, he was looking down on himself another part of him had become removed. Blackness. There wasn't anything. Loud shrieking. The sound tore apart his ears. It resonated in his head. Discordant harmonies were excruciating in their piercing tones. Vile and desperate creatures writhed with long deformed fingers, reptilian skin and frog like eyes in eternal pain. They were ripping at each other and preying on each other. Never quite human, they were more an amalgamation of beasts hanging onto the fine thread of survival. Beasts were desperate and forever hungry, salivating and growling their stomachs gnawing pangs. These were the playthings of a malevolent being. They were not deformed they were more half formed. This was the Garden of Earthly Delights. Welcome. Sam was uneasy. Open your eyes. Who said that? Confused but not scared. Sam tried to centre himself. Breathe just breathe. Think calm thoughts. This is not real. Laughter? It wasn't crazy. It was all knowing. The sound echoed and bounced off the thick particles in the air not fading, not getting sucked into a vacuous atmosphere. Sam looked fearfully around at his surroundings. A desperate wasteland, tundra, a flat plain decorated sporadically with pitiful dead and dying trees. An encompassing and sinister fog crept slowly over the landscape seeping into every crevice. It would creep into your soul if it could. The moon is forever full in this place it never rises or sets waxes or wanes. There is no time only darkness. The beasts have put out the starlight with their foul and putrid breath. There is no hope here. Sam wandered aimlessly. He wondered why his mind had brought him to such a place. He heard the laughing again. Show yourself! Silent nothing. It was like waiting for the light of day in this never land. There was more incessant laughing. It was bordering on hysterical, frustrating in its mocking quality. Then another sound it was so deadly quiet Sam almost didn't notice it. There it was again, carefully placed footfalls soft and padded. There was the steady and calculated breathing of someone, something stalking and preying. Softly, slowly, cautiously Sam turned around. He couldn't see anything through the sinuous fog. It was cold. Sam was shivering he didn't know if it was from fear or from the unrelenting chill in the air. It's all in my mind. It's all in my mind. A sound resonated down Sam's spine low and fierce. It was the final warning growl as the beast showed herself. A wolf, mighty in stature and strength, oozed out of the fog. Beautiful in its make, powerful and muscular, it was not a grotesque distortion like the other beasts. Not yet, at least. There was still something not quite right about it. Sam couldn't work it out. There was something that made it not quite beast. Sam's misgivings were forgotten when the wolf advanced. Bared teeth were prepared to rip apart flesh and bone. Sam's flesh and bone. He tried to run. He never had a chance. There was never any hope against the wolf's hungry power. He felt her hot breath on his neck and in that moment just before her teeth tore into his flesh he looked into her eyes. Yes, there was something else there. Pain over took him. At least she was quick. Sam was showered with a spray of cold water. Sweating, despite his recent dowsing, panicked and breathing hard Sam looked up into a pair of liquid brown eyes warm and concerned. This was reality. His girlfriend Emmy smiled as she threatened to pour more water onto him. Sam laughed his protest. He looked around him and saw that he was lying on the floor of his living room cushioned by the shagpile rug Emmy had insisted on buying. Emmy's paintings, some half finished, where scattered about. A few hung, some leaning against walls. He hadn't had the time to put them up yet. Confused Sam sat up and tried to focus on Emmy. It looked like you were having a bad dream.Sorry for the rude awakening. Emmy smiled. Sam knew she was not sorry. She'd enjoyed herself. He didn't mind. Shaking his head a few times Sam looked into Emmy's comforting eyes. He could swear he could still hear that incessant laughing. There was a chill in the air. Time for punishment. Sam grabbed Emmy. She squealed. He gave her a big hug. The laughing was forgotten for a moment and the chill disappeared. Emmy was warm. Her joyous laughter surrounded him.

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    It seems to me like a bad dream or the lower plains in Astral Projection. It seemed to go past too fast and sometimes I couldn't understand a word you said. -.- But besides not knowing what was going on, it was good Grin