No one is Perfect

Poem written by Taz_is_DYNASTY on Monday 9, December 2002

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You wake up and think "I don't belong" "This world would be better If I was gone" You might think you're ugly, Too skinny, to fat And I'm telling you this DON'T TALK LIKE THAT!! Everyone that loves you Doen't care how you look They love you for who you are Not judging by the cover that's on your book For all those people out there I'm begging you please Stop thinking bad thoughts Such as these Your beautiful, talented Caring, and strong That's why you're still here And not yet gone No one is perfect No one at all So why should you care If your too short or too tall So please don't be No one but you And start realising Your a great person too

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    Nicely said. I like the way the words flow.