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Since the Arroyo administration came to power in 2001, at least, I repeat, at least 832 people have been killed or have gone missing. According to Karapatan (a local human rights group), 356 of these victims were left-wing political activists who were always in Arroyo's face. These unsolved killings of political activists have caught the attention of human rights groups around the world. A certain UN special rapporteur (read: french reporter) on extrajudicial killings, Philip Alston, came to visit the Philippines. Mr. Alston's findings were a damning indictment of Arroyo's government, and have shaken the Filipino establishment. Mr. Alston conducted a 10-day fact-finding mission in the Philippines and was convinced that a significant number of these infamous ordeal were linked to, no less than, our armed forces. He wasn't keen on the exact figure but as he quoted: "I am certain the number is high enough to be distressing". The UN rapporteur did not believe that there's an order from the head of Malacañang designed to instruct that these killings take place, and instead laid the blame to the fleet of military men. The armed forces have responded to a total denial even if a significant number of killings were convincingly attributed to them. Evidences shows that Arroyo's army were behind all of these the whole time. Some of Arroyo's cohorts reacted furiously to Mr Alston's findings. "We will not accept that we are in denial because we opened the doors of our country to him," said the no good-stupid Justice Secretary, Raul Gonzalez. "That's the problem with people who come here for one week and become experts afterwards." According to some senior officers, rouge elements within the military were responsible of the killings. But Mr. Alston said if that was the case, the military "needs to... indicate what investigations and prosecutions have been undertaken in response". And now, what's next? Arroy's administration "hunting down" these so-called "rouges"? Nah! It's the system! That's the problem! peace out yo!

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    Blame the system.. not the president.Wink