Poem written by SomeLowLife on Wednesday 15, August 2007

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Not your average patriotic poem

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In a country owned by white collars Your most important attribute Is your amount of dollars Sent to school, then to work Wasting away day by day Not much you can do To your dismay Until one night you gaze at the night sky decor Looking and wanting for something more But never mind astronomy Because your entire life's purpose Has been to boost the economy In a country where you're the slave Because you only have freedom Until you misbehave End up stuck in a 6x10 cell Alive in a hell Do whatever you want Just don't get caught You'll only end up Alone and distraught In the land of the free Home of the brave Equal opportunities for all Unless you're Indian, Black, Jewish, or Gay This is where the civilians are large However I still love this fucking country I just can't stand the people in charge.

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    hey man,
    I am not much into poetry but this kicks ass! Many Americans in the "middle class" feel this way. Good insight.