Poem written by Freeman on Sunday 12, August 2007

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word that have some feelings and some that don't

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it only takes a long time it only takes only a few words it only takes three words at first it only takes four next it only takes them if you want it to happen it only takes two to tell you where to go

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    You know wht would be really cool - if you revise the middle of the verse to
    It takes three
    It takes four next
    and then somehow worked out to express the same thing with the 2nd last line. This concept has legs! I like you description too - some words with feeling some without. You can do a lot with that. What is a word with feeling? Maybe the word emotion? A word without? Maybe the word stone? Just a few things for you to ponder on.
    I agree with Bambi. This has great potential, but she's right about revising the middle verse. It'll make the rhythm flow better and give the poem a bit more strength. This is a great idea for a poem, though.