The Road by Cormac McCarthy

Critical Review written by soulrad on Friday 6, July 2007

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Review of "The Road" I posted on Myspace in April slightly revised.

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I picked up this bestseller by Cormac McCarthy a couple of days ago having heard nothing about it. It turned out to be one of the best books I have ever read. I read half-way through the first time I sat down with it. When I finally decided to go to bed I lay awake, tears streaming down my cheeks, I swore that I would read no more and that I would throw the book away when I woke. From the beginning it stirred an onslaught of powerful emotions, some that were all but forgotten. Dread, horror, fascination...hope. I knew that McCarthy would not cut any slack for this poor reader. But, daylight brings bravery and I finished it by Saturday. Thankfully it was only a couple of hundred pages otherwise I may have died of a heart attack. I suppose I should tell you something about it. It is a story of a man and his son, travelling across a post-apocalyptic wasteland heading for the coast. The time is unknown although it is some years after whatever catastrophic events reigned death upon the world. There is no particular goal that they have in mind, they seem simply to be trying to find some better place and to stay on the move. They avoid other survivors as many have turned to murder and cannibalism in order to survive. McCarthy doesn't give much away as far as backstory but he does a good job describing the pair's tools and tactics of survival. The man's memories are described from time to time. Not the boy's, presumably because he has no memory of the world past. My description does no justice. My mind is still reeling from too many thoughts about the book. I actually read it a second time about a week later. This is a big deal as I only rarely read books more than once. Most likely I will read it again within the next year. McCarthy is a modern master and you won't be dissappointed in reading it. This is not another version of "The Stand" or "Mad Max." Just pick it up at the store or the library and read the first few pages, you will end up taking it home.

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    I'm interested. I might give it a go. I haven't read any McCarthy. What genre does he usually write in?
    McCarthy writes drama. He also wrote "All the Pretty Horses" but I only watched the movie. I plan to check out more of his work once I'm finished with college.