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Poem written by EveOfRevolution on Thursday 10, May 2007

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This poem is designed to open the reader's eyes to the world today, and to take action to fix the problems that they are able to.

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It is today. More tragic than the yesterday's of history Clear in our minds compared to the mysterious tomorrows of eternity. It is the day democracy falls to the corrupted hearts of the masses a nation stumbles to its knees waiting for revolution to rise it to its feet. It is the day the world cries out for help cries drowned out by the wails of hunger wails silenced by the screams of death screams hushed by the sobs of terror. It is the day of violence when an assassin's gunshot echoes around the globe An army marches to lands untouched by kindness the blast of an atomic bomb rips through the sky and flames burn a city to the ground. It is the day of evil where politicians argue over who to decieve next great men are shot and forgotten lesser men hailed as heroes and only a few have the courage to remember righteousness. It is the day of fear when bombs of terrorist explode in the streets a sniper preys upon innocents men with guns kill children with their whole lives ahead a population tears itself apart in the black of night. And yet it is the day of hope where we can unite to end the madness, secure our future and give life justice innocence a chance to bloom. Carpe diem. Sieze the day. This day.

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    i love this poem. recently my life has been filled with death and heart ache, so this poem is very special to me.
    This was an interesting poem. I enjoyed how you brought hope out in the end. It reminds me of some of the prophecies in Isaiah. You had a couple of grammar problems in the poem, but otherwise, it was good.
    Hmm... I have a poem similar to this. Seems we have some of the same interests... Nice WWI reference, by the way.