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Poem written by Dnavarre on Tuesday 8, May 2007

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the poems that I have written since 2007-...erm, 2008?

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1. Desperation (Feb 8) in desperation he traveled through space for evil, his body is an infestation he left to get away from this place In hatred he killed mostly he lied his heart could not be filled but one day he died now he is happy in the bowels of hell while writing he isn't sappy he wrote while he fell he drank the beer and grabbed the sword of steel the end of his life drew near to everybody, now he wasn't real he stabbed himself while drunk he fell in the now red river and his body sunk. nobody cared not anymore his life he couldn't have beared his wife is buried beneath his floor He is dead dead and decayed the river stayed red and his body stayed. 2. Enemy (Apr 18) He stays nearby, watching me, thinks I don't notice, I'm never let be. I guess it's fair, I watch him too, But we can't hurt, or the other would sue. He holds a gun, as well as I, we are bitter enemies, until we die. then, even in the grave, we will fight, neither will be saved. like God, and the Devil, or a democrat, and a rebel. the fighting, will never cease, we will never, find peace. In a world of war America stands strong, but... just for how long? 3. Enemy 2 (Apr 20) He still waits, the time growing near, our bodies are of hate, no longer of fear. The time to fight, it has now, it is the time to die, but how, oh how? We will both perish to eachother I to him, and not another. We stand, on opposite ends, following same rules, and same trends. But we hate, like a stolen love, but the end is today, enough is enough. The end is no longer, no longer near, the end...yes the end, is already here. He stands over there, gun in hand, I stand opposite, gun as well, today we die, on the same land. Earth is all our home, we share it, so why do we fight... I guess they do as they see fit. I raise me gun, he does the same, is it hate, or are we insane? We are on the same side, but still we hate.... do we have a chance to be friends, or is too late? I see the truth, he does not, I think of all the times... all the times we have fought. I stop him, just in time, and showed him the truth, and together we sat, making this rhyme. We are now friends, till the end, following our rules, and no longer the trends. We beat the world, and its hate, together we made it through, through the gate. We then realized the truth, we saved eachother like brothers, but we realized.... "what about the others?" we realized, what we lost, we what gave up, the ultimate cost. We lost our lives, our friends, for eachother, and the trends. They don't know the truth, our hatred starts again, we died because of us, we met our match, in the end. Ourselves. We lifted our guns, at the same time, just as we finished, writing this rhyme. We both shot, killing eachother, I died to him, to my brother. he hated because, I killed mother, I hated because, he killed father. 4. Everybody's dead (Feb 18) Everybody's dying, Nobody's living Everybody's taking Nobody's giving never getting faith never getting love this happens because we never gave enough the first life the life of strife some give up they don't have enough not enough love when that line is say'n this poem says too much too much pain not enough life too little time we have a lot of strife all is said in this rhyme nothing is truly, truly forgiven in this life that we are livin' many people die everybody will lie i give a sigh life and death are at a tie one person dies a life gets better all is said in this letter a song is a song life isn't too long because people lie they lie, then die. all is said all is done i've passed the message will it run? i am dead i am gone i am lost to the song. the song of evil the song of death the song of life the song is at rest this is the end the last rep all because of the promise i could never have kept. 5.Fallen Angel (Feb 7) He fell fell futher than anyone before he kept on falling till he could fall no more. He hit the Earth and examined his home his life is a legend and is in many tomes. The people were human and he was an angel he wasn't just tied to them he was entangled. Although he was accepted he was thrown to the side like moss his father gave him up so he could die on the cross. He gave them a choice but they went wrong he didn't fail his job his life is still a wonderful song. 6.Gate of.... (Feb 15) A golden day A shining night sky A sparkling dusk Through all I wonder why. How did we come to be Why are we here Why do we love Why do we fear? Through all the days Through all the nights Through the times of love Through the times of frights. Some are broken Some are healed Some destinies are free Some are sealed. Monsters love Humans hate Do we have enough To make it through the gate? The gate of love The gate of strife The gate of song And the gate of life. 7. Light and Darkness (Apr 15) The darkness comes, covering all, it will stay, forcing you to fall. But soon it fades and light breaks through, the darkness leaves, with all sadness you knew. Life gets better, you will see, you will be happy, just believe me. You can believe me, you can trust, I'll help you, our friendship won't rust. I may have a girl, and it's easy for me to say, that life gets better, and you'll find a way. But you need to trust, just believe, I'll help you, and never leave. The darkness leaves, as someone enters, and you will see, how life differs, from darkness and light. 8. I love her (Apr 28) I'm not sure, I don't know, why exactly, it bothers me so. She sits so still, waiting for the day, that I lift her up, and take us away. I love her, and she knows, our love is like a river, like water, it flows. I hug her, and hold her tight, make sure she has no fear, in the day or though the night. I kiss her lips, and her neck, without her, I'd be more than a wreck. I'd hold her hand, and search for land, then I'd write our names, in the sand. I would also write one more message....I would write, "I love you." 9. Message to the World (Mar 9) Forever and ever Under the sea Cold waters are Killing me Years pass Older I will grow before Under the seas, again I must go. 10. Love for Her (Feb 15) For now and ever i will never wonder why you and i are together and my love won't die. i am yours and u are mine we are together for all time. we are more than friends and might become even more no matter how mad we get we wont stay sore. i love u forever as do you we wont forget what we know or what we knew. we know all we need you are a delicate flower i will protect you with all my power. forever more you and me dont forget all we can be. 12. Ultimate Love (Apr 2) She's so beautiful, I don't deserve her. To her, I would never lie The day we get married, is drawing nigh. She says "I love you" I know it's true. I glance at her and forget all I knew. I love her with all my heart, in our love, every one plays their part. The day we forget our love is the day we die if our love is forgotten i'll never understand why. we are perfect, and we shall remain, together forever in happiness and pain. I love you forever, never forget, you are my love Sarina, the candle of love has been lit. we will die alone, or with each other, but no one else. 13. Tree (apr 26) With my hands, I reached for the sky, tried to grab a cloud, or see some sign. A sign of danger, is what I don't need, I found the right spot, then planted a seed. It sprung a week later, the small plant a sign, a sign that told me, everything was going to be fine. A year later, it was a small tree, I watered it, and smiled with glee. Soon, I moved, felt my heart ripped out, I lost my friend... without a doubt. Many years later, I was an old, old man, I went back, saw the tree, and to it, I ran. I hugged it, it had grown, it was a large tree, and widely known. It was the only tree, in the hood, the house owners grew most of it themselves, as they should. I bought the house, my wife and I, everyday I look at the tree, and in my life I know why, why we're here. 14. Waiting... (Apr 21) He sits quietly. waiting. it was only yesterday, he was fainting. His teeth clench, he feels them watching, watching him, he's stopped dodging. He now sits, waiting for them, but who are they? could they be him? His life has passed, and now he sits, he feels them getting closer, he could only run into the pits. So, with little choice, he calls out, in a defoning voice. "Come out, come out, wherever you are!" and they came, jumped from behind the bar. They got closer, and he saw, they are him, his mouth is open in awe. He sees himself, the different bodies, evil, darkness, death and lies. They laugh darkly, he is struck, he hopes to die quickly, he has no such luck. They gang on him, and he's afraid, they attack him, on the ground he laid. He was saved, by something wonderful, something great, something cool. Himself, saved by light, the light is himself, it banished his plight. lies, death, evil, darkness, banished by one, though it seemed pointless. After they died, he pushed light away, and told it to come back, another day. He sits once more, knowing they watch, he'll waits for something, even if he rots. He is waiting for.... himself? A dark laugh spreads through the empty void that he waits in, Evil, Darkness, Lies, and Death, they wait. They are the ones that laugh, they hope he finds himself, if he does, they will make Light pay....or so they, for now....he waits. Knowing the battles that are to come......within himself, but he hopes to be free of the day. 15. Window of Lonelyness (Feb 20) Everyone is there where did they all go? Nobody is here I guess i'll never know. All this sadness nobody cares all this madness it's all unfair They'll never return I'm looking through this window i'll sit and burn This window of lonelyness I guess eventually i'll fess but not today. Nay, they will never know, the truth if they do not wait. YOU will never know the truth if you do not wait. That's it folks. From Jan-2007 till May-7 1. I hope All the days, we were together, I alwasy thought, it would last forever. But I'm no longer blind, now I can see, that are love, wasn't meant to be. But, I won't, give up hope, no I won't, die of this. I watch, the stars in the sky, I count, as they soar by. I watch the lights, twinkle in the air, I never blink, only stare. Why, oh why, did I do it, why, oh why, did I say goodbye?! I can swim in the ocean, swim in my tears, but the hole in my heart, fills up with fears. The rain drops fall, on the rooftop, the pain I feel, is more than enough. I stand in the water, outside your house, not making a sound, just like a mouse. My eyes swell, tears are near, I love you so. tears are here. I look through your window, covered in pain, looking at your beautiful face, just to stay sane. The size of your heart, I never could have met, I can't believe I lost you, because of a bet... 2. When it ends When the world dies, I'll be here, save you from darkness, erase your fear! I'll kiss her tender, she's an angel, she'll help me, I'll help you. I won't fail, you can trust, I'll seal him away, save us all But know, I can't do it alone, it will take the power, of the friendship we've sewn. Never die for nothing, protect someone special, nothing can be done, with just the power of one. Without you, I will bleed, without you, I will die. Let us fight, protect the people, those wonderful people, the people we love. Our friends, ourselves. Let me free, I will see, I will need, you with me. See the beauty, rising from the ocean, see the strength, that lays in light. See the hate, in the fire, see the fright, in the darkness. See the beauty, meat the hate, see the strength, meet the fright. and then you can, see the darkness, fall to the light. 3. My Enemies Sing I'm under attack, I rush for freedom, behind me my enemies sing. Their voices are in my head, I'm feeling lost, I'm feeling dead. I'm feeling wrong, Im feeling right. My memory dies, I lose my sight. Sight of freedom, Sight of safety, I hide under a palm tree, Nice and shady. But it too becomes broken, Flames of darkness, Ripping it open, My final words remain unspoken. My heart tears open, The breath released, Now I lay, With the deceased. I was killed, Imminently destroyed, by what is now a cold, empty, void. What was my heart, Before you broke it. 4. No More No more cries, I've had enough, I didn't believe them, but life is too tough. No more pain, It hurts my ears, makes me fall, my face covered in tears. No more tears, that's what she wanted, couragous with life, life is who she confronted. No more lies, none shall reach her mind, the knife by her bed, an ignored sign. No more pain, no more lies, no more tears, no more cries. No more laughter, no more play, she won't ever wake up, to another day. 5.Eyes of hope (haiku) Light filled skies above, the shadowed grounds lay below They fill eyes with hope.

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    Wow... long post! Wink I read through your poems the other day and enjoyed them. You have some very interesting thoughts in them and address a nice variety of topics. One note, though, most of them have almost the exact same format. That is totally ok, but I'd advice that you try some different styles, rhyming patterns, and rhythms. Experimenting will open up entirely new ways to express yourself.

    Great job Cool