I've Made Up Mine

Poem written by Routh on Tuesday 8, May 2007

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Ten years later, I have written a response to my original poem, "Make up your Minds"

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I thought I had it all figured out Thought I knew what love was all about Always tried to keep my heart pure And when love came it would be sure But though I always kept my heart warm Cold hearted ones brought storm after storm Women always said men treat love like a game But my eyes are now open, I know they're the same No longer will they be treated like gold My once kind heart is growing so cold Time after time I was loved and then tossed And they just moved on like nothing was lost Men and women are one and the same Both are just players in a cold-hearted game The word 'Love' is used to get what they want Sex, and money, for those they will flaunt All their caring and sweet words used in shame All are just cards in a strip poker game They always have said nice guys finish last Well this nice guy is a thing of the past No more love for me, just sex and some fun When things get too close, I'll turn and run No more will I be hurt, time after time You can't make up yours, so I've made up mine!

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    I've always wanted to get a tattoo that says "Love fades", because I often forget, and it's such a relief when I remember Pfft I enjoyed this Chris. I suppose I can relate a bit, but mostly I understand.
    I agree with Tsyni, except for about getting the tattoo. A powerful response to Make up your minds.
    This poem shows a tender heart terribly broken. I've been in the same boat and felt the same things. As I read it, I thought of a time not so long ago when I felt the same way. Nicely written.
    I've felt that way many a time Chris. The poem really hit the nail on the head.
    this poem is incredibly powerful. it hits close to home with mee. you are a very good poem. if you keep writing stuff like this you could probably make a career out of it. its honestly a great poem!!!! keep up the good work!
    Yes..we (men and women) are all the same, but 'all just players' - I dont believe that you believe that. I dont believe that you have really developed a cold heart either. Just Sex and some fun... Naaaah, if you really felt that way you wouldnt be writing terrific poems like this one Smile