My First Date

Story written by just call me J on Monday 23, April 2007

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The true story of my first date. lol.... Enjoy!

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In the fall of 99 I met Jenna. Our little sisters played on the same basketball team. For a while we'd walk by eachother while our little sisters practiced and just say hi. I'd always found her physically attractive but never had the guts to make my move. She had long beautiful brown hair that she held back with a light blue ribbon, green eyes that turned hazel in the spring. Her face was a natural beauty (I assume that's why she never wore makeup) and her body had curves in all the right places, but it was her confidence, sense of humor and that sarcastic grin that made me fall for her. After months of casual conversation I'd finally worked up the courage to ask her out on a date. I had a mental image of myself walking up to her with confident strides and saying something suave like, "Hey baby... How's about you and me go on a date tonight?" but looking back, it came out more like, "H-hey Jenna... umm.. would ya ... uhh like to go get something... er go out tonight?.... with me I mean?" The dating world was unfamiliar territory for me. Not only was Jenna my first date but she was also my first real girlfriend. I was, of course, very nervous. "How do I know what to do?" That was the question that haunted my mind, as I got ready. As I stand in the shower all I could think was, "What do I say? I'm sixteen years old I don't need this kind of pressure!" "How am I supposed to act?" "Should I be myself or should I be a gentleman?" "What if I forget to open a door?" I got out of the shower, put on my deodorant and styled my hair, making sure every strand fell perfectly into place. As I buttoned up my shirt, I noticed the sun retreating into the horizon leaving me alone and in the dark. I was dressed and ready to go. The house was quiet and I sat in the kitchen alone with my thoughts, listening as the clock ticked closer to seven (my scheduled leaving time). All of the same questions were still running through my head. I could feel a cold sweat forming on my palms. I seriously needed a pep talk. So I called the one person I could always count on, my best friend Kyle. "Lackey!" (My high school nickname) he screamed as he answered the phone. "Hey Kyle." I replied timidly. Even though I was a year older than Kyle, his charming, confident ways made him more experienced with girls. I told him all of my anxieties and he gave me advice on all of my questions. The nerves were still there but I'd found a some comfort in my friend. Before I hung up the phone I asked him the most important question of all. "How do I know if she wants a good night kiss?" Kyle replied, "Ah that's a very important question my friend. You'll know when she wants the kiss because she'll give you "the look" but it only lasts for a moment so, Lackey, you can't get all nervous and chicken out. Confidence, Lackey, confidence." So with that I hung up the phone, "Confidence..." I sighed... grabbed my jacket and headed out the door. I jumped in my car. It was my first car, a 91 Ford Taurus. She'd been from Arkansas to New Jersey and back several times. As well as Florida and back. She was a trusty and reliable stallion, but her prime had left her years ago. When I inherited her she was beginning to show rust and her paint was losing it's luster and was starting to peel. The light switch had fallen off. so if I was driving at night, I had to make sure I always had a pair of pliers handy to turn the switch for my lights. I started her up and she clanked to life. When I arrived at Jenna's house, I arrived early, I expected to be waiting an extra thirty minutes for her to finish getting ready. But as I walked up the porch and raised my fist to knock on the door it swung open. There stood Jenna. She looked me over once with a serious look on her face and said, "What took you so long?" then she broke into her lovely smile and continued, "You ready?" Jenna looked amazing. She wore a light blue dress that exposed her shoulders. It formed and complimented her curves and, as always, she wore the bright blue ribbon in her hair. It was the first time I'd seen her in makeup and though I felt she didn't need it, I liked the way it looked. Her lips were a bright red and her eye shadow accented the emerald green in her eyes. I felt my hands break into a cold sweat. Here I was, a nervous sixteen-year-old boy standing in front of a beautiful woman. I found myself wondering how I planned on surviving this night. I held her hand and helped her into my car. Her hands were warm and incredibly soft. "Why are your hands sweaty?" she said, "It's like, forty degrees out here." I wiped them dry on my jacket," I have overactive glands." I joked. She laughed and I found comfort in that. My car clattered in to the Carinos parking lot and sputtered to a stall right as I entered a parking space. When we entered the restaurant, the smell of Italian food filled our nostrils and the faint sound of music could be heard over the clanking of plates and the footsteps of servers. I pulled out Jenna's chair and then took my seat. "So far so good" I thought to myself. The dim lighting seemed to accentuate Jenna's beauty and I guess our waiter noticed it too because he couldn't take his eyes off of her. The food there was delicious and as we finished our meals and engaged in conversation, I felt myself finally feeling relaxed. Jenna had a way of doing that. It was her personality that drew people close to her and it's what made the boys melt. We talked about her family and the friends she wanted me to meet. I told her a little about myself and my many misadventures. Our drive back to her house was mostly a quiet one but not awkward. Then out of the corner of my eye I saw her smile her sarcastic grin. "What is it?" I said. "Ya know what I love about your car?" "The smell?" I joked, "No. I love the way you need pliers to turn on the headlights." We arrived promptly at her house just before curfew. The air had gotten colder and even as she held her jacket tight I could see goose bumps forming on her shoulders and neck. Is she really cold? Or is Jenna the "Queen of Confidence" actually getting nervous? I decided not to dwell on it too much. "Jenna, I had such a great time tonight." "So did I." She looked at me and I stared back at her. Then I saw it, "the look", in her beautiful green eyes. Kyle's words were reverberating in my head. My heart was screaming at me, "Make your move! It's what she's been waiting for." but my brain was yelling, "No! You're gonna ruin the perfect night!" I was running out of time, I had to make a decision. I chose to follow my heart and I went in for the kiss. I closed my eyes, puckered my lips and moved in but my window of opportunity had passed. She'd turned away right as I had made my move. Instead of feeling her soft lips against mine, I felt her not so soft ear and when I opened my eyes I was staring into the blue ribbon holding back her brown hair. Fear paralyzed my body. My heart leapt into my throat, determined to reach my brain and beat it within an inch of its life. I pulled back unable to speak. She turned to me looking just as shocked as I was. I tried desperately to find an excuse for what had just happened. I waited for her look of shock to break out in to an uncontrollable laughter then she would tell me to leave and run inside, but her look of shock turned into that old familiar grin and she said, "How 'bout we try that again." She leaned into me and I felt her soft lips touch mine. Her kiss threw my emotions into temporary chaos, like water on a hot skillet, but they soon found balance in her touch. My heart, satisfied with the outcome, settled back into my chest and found her heart beating a few inches away as we held each other close. Her wonderful kiss seemed to last forever but it still didn't seem long enough. And as we separated we told each other good night. Then she put her hand against her ear and said, "I'll never wash this ear again." I felt myself blush as I stared down at my feet but the truth is, I wanted to stay in that moment forever. Her eyes disappeared behind the front door as it clicked shut. I walked toward my car with a noticeable spring in my step, reminiscing about our evening with a smile on my face. I slid into my car, grabbed my pliers and turned on my headlights. I looked back at the house and saw her silhouette watching me through the window. I smiled, shook my head and said to myself, "Josh, you are one lucky boy." I turned the key to my car and it clattered to life, then I drove away with a woman on my mind.

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    I enjoyed that man. It was funny plus I could relate at certain parts. Good job!
    As a sappy bastard you had me grinning away. Good work.
    I'm pretty sure we've all had experiences like this.