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Story written by rdm88 on Friday 2, September %12

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These new weapons are fantastic. No blood spatter; a killer’s dream…it’s no wonder the boss is paying for so many to be built. The guy who invented it is a real sicko, truth be told I don’t like dealing with him all that much but his inventions are beautiful. This one works a bit like a staple gun, you hold it in place and push down on a button til it goes click, then out comes a very small blade, similiar to an icepick which then shoots out even smaller, sharper blades like a pufferfish. Works almost every time, clean, instant, quiet… perfect. No blood except the little bit out of their mouth or their nose and that’s not til after, you don’t usually see it. Arthur likes to terrorise people though, like he’s doing to this poor woman’s boyfriend. ‘I’m old school’ he says, he likes the shouting and the threatening and the beating. He even tied this prick up. ‘Where is Bernstein?!’ he bellows into this poor guy’s face, as if he could possibly know. Bernstein never meets the middle men. The miniature baseball bat will be out in a minute if I don’t intervene. ‘There is no chance this guy knows where he is,’’ I almost said Arthur’s name, ‘let’s wrap this and get going.’ ‘Nah, he knows..’ he replies, ‘and he’s going to tell me.’ His face contorts into a half-smile, half-snarl. He has a bloodthirst. This is just a job to me, a way of continuing to live in spite of the conditions, Arthur is more idealistic. He thinks he can be the big bossman one day. I finish looking at this woman’s corpse, I’ll find no answers in her dead eyes. The little trickle comes out of her left nostril and I want out of here. I turn around, make my way to the boyfriend and finish him off with the staple gun. He falls over on his chair. ‘He didn’t know Arthur. So let’s move.’ The girl twitched a little as we made to leave. I get one last look at her as I step over her man, hoping he’s dead but not caring too much either way.

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  • Oh wow. This is really dark and really scary. Nice job.

    Now the bad side. You need a bit of formatting on this.
    - November 10 2022 21:27:28