Festive Words

Poem written by Lonelyhearts1224 on Saturday 11, June 2022

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My inspiration to write comes at midnight.

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"Make haste, arise a vouch the words;" "Salute these terms, that now gabfest." In mid of night, they prance, serenade; Jovially jolting, a rem~sleep state. "Appease them, please, thou must awake." "For seconds pass, so anon they fade." Witty performers, these festive words; Compete for a part in a poem's verse. Such frolic idioms, so seldom last; "Assign them purpose, applaud their craft." Ink well the quill, Poetize proses. Recite with zeal, what notes compose. Inscribe each stanza, on paper, white. A quest I've done, numerous times. "Ideal locutions, I gift thy chance;" "In meter sequence, I'll choreograph thy dance."

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