As I began to be excited as a child,

Poem written by Saad El-Asha on Tuesday 31, May 2022

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As I began to be excited as a child, Learning English and counting My blessings, I questioned the words Elan Zest Verve And Ardour. I gave up on my senses and retired into My grandpa's stable, Occasionally exploring Bresson and al-Tawhīdī. Then my senses questioned my retirement, As if to challenge a clumsy phrase, such as "My senses questioned my retirement". As if, Bresson and al-Tawhīdī were the nemeses Of sense.

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    The end of this is strong, especialy the final two sentences. Thanks for sharing.
    Okay, I like the flow. But the meaning escapes me. Who are, or what is, Bresson and al-Tawhidi?
    A filmmaker and a philosopher. Smile