"My Blood...."

Poem written by mooshiez on Thursday 8, March 2007

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Have you ever had a friend so close you wished with all of your heart that you were siblings?

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"My Blood...." The moment has passed, and gone away, my blood sister of Yesterday. We've had smiles and tears, that will never stray, my blood sister of Yesterday. We've forgiven the hands who molded our hearts like clay, my blood sister of Yesterday. Despite the heartache, tears and dismay, the secrets we've kept, in "truths" we'd say, Those moments you were Light, a Map, a Frey, My blood sister of Yesterday. Tara N. Smith©2007

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    I think this is great. No rating today.
    Interesting poem, Tara. I don't think I've ever heard anyone call someone else a Frey and it actually made me stop to think about what you were saying about your blood sister of yesterday. In one spot, I found the change in rhythm a bit rough, but I enjoyed the rhyming patterns. It was a fun poem to read and is definitely meant to be read aloud. Smile
    You've got some good rhythm and i like your style it really is a great poem