dairies of selena

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dairies of selena, a Greek titanese

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Wednesday, May 2 450 BCE Entry 32 Geia sas! It’s been a month since we started seeing each other. Artemis knows and said she wouldn’t sell me out to my family like how Pythia did. It had been a great day with Ambrogio, we kissed again, kissing his Italian lips made my heart race a little bit of course. Sweeter than the drink and food Amboise, better than the fountain's waters. His eyes were as brown as the stallion's strength, his hair as black as the night sky. He was soft and inviting. That’s when he told me he loved me. I was so happy at that moment, everything changed, everything was clear I was to be with a guy for the rest of his mortal life. Until he grew tired and old. I don’t care if I have to give up my immortality to be with him. He is all I need to have a fulfilled life. I came home to Apollo at the front door waiting for me. He was furious with envy. He told me he was the one who told my parents about me running off with Ambrogio. If I didn’t stop there would consenques for my actions. All this time I blamed Pythia when it wasn’t all along. I was furious with apollo how could he. How could he be so selfish? He also told me I was the one being selfish only thinking of myself not of everyone else and our family. I don’t understand what I did affect my family when has to do with my life. I can’t believe what I was hearing from him. I asked him if he was jealous and if his behavior was childish and stupid. I walked away from him, wasn’t going to do me any good staying there and arguing with him about what was happening. I’m just going to have to sleep it off. I’m positive Ambrogio and I will figure out what to do. Tomorrow I will talk to him about everything that has happened. I’ll come clean and tell him who I am yes! Yes, that is what I will do! Until next time.

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  • Okay, coming along nicely. You need a spellcheck on this one.
    And still no cows grazing for milk! Cool
    - August 24 2022 22:02:19