Dairies Of Selena

Story written by MzRainbow on Tuesday 3, May %21

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dairies of selena, a Greek titanese

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I had never seen a mortal before so beautiful and different, not in a hundred years have I ever seen someone so worthy of me. We talked and ended up walking together for nearly the whole day, I haven’t had this much fun in years. We have a plan to meet again tomorrow morning. Of course, every action I took had an equal reaction with my family. At dinner, we had a sit-down. My cousin's aunt and uncle were there, Mother Gaia only knows why they were there. Well, apparently Pythia ratted me out to my parents. At least that's what I had been told by Apollo. It didn't seem like a thing that she would do, seemed a little fishy if you ask me. Anyhow my parents were outraged that I had spent the day with him and told me to break it off as soon as dawn broke. I didn’t understand why they cared so much this time around, they did it all the time. I’ve laid with mortals before what made this one so special. Anyways until next time. Tuesday April 2 450 Entry 2 Geia sas! Well, here I go to the temple of Apollo, not to break off things with Ambrogio. Instead, I was very careful who saw us, we would escape to the caves of hades. My parents didn’t dare to watch me there. Hades and my parents didn’t see eye to eye. Something about Hades killing their brother or uncle. I’m not sure, I just avoid most of those conversations. We ended up talking the day away, he told me of all the crazy lands he had explored and some of the artists he had come by in his travels. He told me weird plans and things that he would like to see come to life. He also told me what he knew about the gods. How he worshipped Artemis, I mean you can’t win them all. I mean really arty is a cool girl so I don’t mind really. If only he knew who he was talking to. It’s kinda funny once you think about it. He asked me if I would make offerings with him to Artemis. I dodged that stone today but tomorrow will be a different day. Supper with the family was quiet. They asked me how my day went. I kept it short and sweet. I avoided eye contact with everyone. Until Apollo tapped me on the shoulder. Looking up at him I thought it was strange that he would tap me on the shoulder. He asked me if I wanted to go somewhere else. Apollo was a good friend of mine so of course, I said yes. He said something strange to me tonight, he told me that I shouldn’t get so worked up over a mortal they die easily. Weathering away like the wind in my silver hair. It would be a waste of my beauty. Whatever that meant. Anyways until next time.

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  • "Dairies of Selena" a dairy is a farm, where one raised cows for there milk. I have seen no mention of cows or farms in the last two stories. Smile
    Perhaps you should change the title to "Diaries of Selena."
    - August 23 2022 21:04:35