"Broken Heart"

Poem written by mooshiez on Thursday 8, March 2007

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Have you ever had your heart broken?

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"Broken Heart" In a place, Not far in time, You possessed this broken heart of mine. It had a few scratches, It was tattered and torn, But with you my love, I was reborn. We talked for hours, And smiled for days, I never knew love could mold this way. It wasn't too much, It wasn't too fast, But love like that could never last. With time, My love got the best of me, With arguments, crying, and jealousy. Promises and threats did not make things better, It just gave us more time to await the weather. For years I have known it, For years it was there, You heartlessly told me, Like you don't even care. I can't blame, What was left to do, If you hadn't done it, I'd have done it to you. I'm done with all of the stress, And finished with all of the pain, To ever think of you with her, I'll never return again. My heart is torn to pieces, But I will do just fine, You'll never again have the blessing to see This broken heart of mine. Tara N. Smith©2007

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    Depressingly wonderful. I love it
    That was really nice. Really nice flow..
    That was really nice. Really nice flow..
    The ending is perfect.