"A Poem For You"

Poem written by mooshiez on Thursday 8, March 2007

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A poem for you:)

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"A Poem For You" I shall write you a poem. The greatest poem ever written. A poem that make men disdainfully sensitive, And women gingerly brash. A poem to manufacture transparent love; To approach the obvious. Bringing back the refinement of age. A person's poem. Conjuring lust into the dark, And paralyzing all affection. Dashing regret from the mind With substitution of satisfaction. Comforting sex with utterance, While stabilizing thought. A real poem. Adhering to make believe. And omitting sensibility. Dispensing all secrecy, And embracing everything else. Articulation of grace. Eloquence of intensity. Stimulating all emotion, Yet associating false pretense. An unmitigated poem. Something to be proud of. Extraditing confusion and grief. Comprising amenity. For all adoration. For all to endure. A poem to kiss this era, And call her Mature. A poem to compel you. To fancy another remark. To breathe life into your ears And discharge all judgment. I hope you like this poem, Because here it is..... Tara N. Smith©2007

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    Perfectly wonderful. I love it.
    nice. you're really good at painting with your words