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Story written by Don Roble on Monday 7, March %17

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Games shows have changed

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Game shows back when were not athletic. They were mostly question and answer or some sort of puzzle. They were usually fixed too. No one was as smart as those contestants acted. Now the games have gone athletic. They have a pool with three balls. The object was to bounce off the three balls and reach the end. No one can do that. As soon as you hit a ball it turns and throws you off. Sort of like the bulls in bars years ago. They left the end of the pool as gravel. No one was going to gt that far, why waste the money? There’s the contest where the contestants decide what amazing thing they would do. One guy set his nuts on fire. That amazed the judges. He couldn't repeat the stunt so he was disqualified but given a Blue ribbon A woman came out and farted the Star Spangled banner. The guy with the burning nuts set off a methane explosion. One of the firemen said. “It was a good thing she wasn’t fat. Then the whole neighborhood would have gone.” They had a guy who claimed he could hold his breath underwater for 7 minutes. He would do it in a glass pool to show he wasn’t cheating. He jumped in and went down. Five minutes later, the medics noticed no bubbles had escaped. They didn’t see any sign of life. They went in and pulled the guy out, They did CPR and got an ambulance there. After The judges were furious, They yelled that the medics hadn’t given him the seven minutes. The ll gave the guy a zero, eliminating him. One judge said, “He didn’t hold his breath for seven minutes so to hell with him.” One of the judges said this was the best job he’d had since that bit part in “The Gallant Women” where he played one of the women. “Man, I ’d do this show for free.” One of the producers overheard this and told him his new contract would be a lot lower. The other judges patted him on the back and sniggered.

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  • lol How true, Don. The game shows are crazy, except for Jeopardy. But, please, never go to a game show in Japan. They are even crazier then we are.
    - May 08 2022 22:35:06
    • This was an entertaining read. Thoroughly enjoyed!
      - June 21 2022 23:57:32