Not Laughing Now, Neil

Story written by Don Roble on Tuesday 22, February 2022

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Dead last win

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Neil graduated high school and went to enlist in the Army. I laughed out loud. He was never going to get in at 120 lbs. Even if he did, he wasn't going to make it through basic training. To my surprise, they took him. I asked how he passed the weight limit. “Well, I ate a lot of bananas the day of the physical and I didn’t take a crap for 3 days. I barely made even at that but I did.” Then he went to the Army training for West Point. After all the politicians made their appointments, the school would fill in the gap. I laughed at the idea he could make it through a tough school like West Point or get selected. He did. A tradition there is to put 50 bucks a head into the kitty. The cadet who finished last in the class gets the money and his choice of assignments. Neil’s roomie finished dead last in the class. Neil got all over him about it in a joking manner. The roomie took it in good spirits and said, “I’m not as smart as you or going to get promoted as fast but I have 50,000 dollars.” Well, there is that.

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    Hahaha! I like it!