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We made our own bed & now we lay in it.

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Cancer is the manifestation of the wrong we are doing to ourselves and the planet. The earth has natural apex predators, & when taking all life into account this has never truly been represented by human beings, but instead micro organisms. We may possess curse and vaccines but which of us is truly the better organism? the one common thing we share is survival, so can we co exist? or will we have to eradicate all bacterial life before it evolves past our capability to cope with, comprehend or destroy? Cancer of coarse is not bacteria but our own cells not following their programming, evolving to kill us in other words. The earth will continue to evolve around us and we will continue to evolve with it. So what does this mean for our future here? Our future anywhere while we are so vulnerable to the whims of the world around us. We cannot live sheltered existences but can we have faith in our survival against bacteria in the long run? Something we discovered in the last 100 years, That has been killing us for thousands, whilst constantly evolving to new heights we could only hope to predict for use. These are the questions I now find myself asking the people that call themselves godly but actually worship money, The people that turn a blind eye and continue contributing to mass delusions and distractions and the people before us that have tangled the earths rope beyond repair and left us without a solution. so I ask you will it be the bacteria that ends the human race? Or just our own collective inability to take action and understand our problems? dead man walking.

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  • Learn to use paragraphs.

    You are all over the place. Pick one hypothesis and stick to it.

    Check your grammar. (I use Grammarly).
    - February 04 2022 16:37:01
    • Don is correct. There is a good argument buried in there. You need to order it logically and break it into paragraphs.
      - May 08 2022 22:11:54