Poem written by heRi on Saturday 29, January 2022

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This is my first poem ever written in english, thank you for your advice.

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I have already shown you either my good side or my bad side. Now it’s only up to you how you will decide. Whether good or bad I don’t care that’s what she said. And so I carry on with my life. Contemplating about what I should strive? Truth is universal for each of us right? This difference everybody seek. Might be to some extent bleak. However sooner or later an answer is found. Since this moment vanished the matter of doubt. Curious about whether these thoughts pursue you? Do or not make no worries you’ll find your peace I assure you.

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    Do or not make no worries

    Double negative.

    Trying too hard to get a rhyme.
    Poetry is getting very profound lately. Maybe we need to lighten it up with limericks.

    Anyhow, good job. I liked it.