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Cable shows scrap bottom of barrel.

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(I've written stories and novellas and a novel. Now, I'm going with shorter writings.) Cable has finally went and done it. They have run out of half-decent channels to offer you. They now are scrapping the bottom of the barrel. That’s pretty far down. I was browsing through my channels when I came across the Dog Channel. What the hell, I have a dog. The first show was about dogs chasing cats. The second one was cats chasing dogs. The third one was bears chasing dogs and cats. The dogs were faster than the cats. The dog was doing great until he got to the stream. Dogs can swim but not asfast as bears can. The cats could climb trees but so could the bears. It was a bloody mess.My dog got bored and left the room. Then I watched the Friday Night Snake- Ferret Fights. It got to be a bore too after a while. The ferret always won. I think they give the snakes drugs. They should be able to win at least once. They never do. It was like professional wrestling but more believable. The Alligator vs Crocodile isn’t bad. You don’t really know who wins since they look alike. They might be the same critter. Sure, that’s it. We are so gullible. They probably have a good laugh at us. That is, when they aren’t eating us. I’m waiting to see what they come up with next. It may be aliens destroying us from with in and I do mean from within. My money is on the alien.

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  • Things have gotten so extreme there's barely any boundaries that haven't already been crossed for cable. They are clearly out of ideas. Guess I'll go back to watching people eat ice cubes on youtube... that really gets the blood pumping!
    - March 01 2022 01:17:28
    • lmao. You are right, Don. Cable is the bottom of the barrel. Some of those shows are absolutely pathetic.

      Good job!
      - May 07 2022 19:02:39