Poem written by mooshiez on Thursday 8, March 2007

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Personification of Love

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"Misery" Of all the things That was meant to be, How come you weren't Meant for me? At first I thought it, But then I knew.... Love played a game Among us two. She set the standards, And set them high It was hard to see Her foolish lie. At first, it started Like all loves start. Happiness, Commitment, Never being apart. But then things changed, Like all things do Anger, Fighting, And a tear or two. By then we were Stuck, With no way out Never wondering what This was all About. She changed her appearance Once or twice Minimizing arguments. Just to be nice. We were her puppets Hanging on a thread, Shouting out "I love you!" While moaning in bed, Vandalizing the pain For a moment to Make up, As she sat on her throne Waiting for us to Break up. Enjoying the conflict While she stalks and hovers No more friends. No more lovers. And then the day came Where it all had to end, She tested the point For us to pretend. That point broke away For the sake to let go, The future is now past I was the last to know. She still lingers on Very dim, Very dull, Hoping to prey on Those who are Vulnerable. And I have to say, That she's preying on You. I'm a lost cause Out of all I've been through. But you my lost love You've found someone else. Hoping she could save you, As you redefine yourself. But that is not her job Her job is Misery. She'll carry you through, The land that we knew, And do what you did to me. Tara N. Smith ©2007

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