Poem written by moodyt on Thursday 23, December 2021

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It's a first for me. A poem about regretting the choices one makes..... (might not be good)

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Late in the night Going back in time Thinking about all I've done Reflecting upon my crimes. To Right the wrongs I must confess my Sins. my guilt to those whom I betrayed. Why do I feel the guilt After I’m done with the deed? Who has sowed in my soul this conscience’s seed? Why now? When its too late To right the wrongs To confess

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    Well, Don, let me say first it is great to have you back. Now, to your poem.

    What a marvelous writing! It is a great piece of introspection!

    You know, when we get older, all we really have is our history and our memories. It is good to feel repentant for our errors. But we also have to feel joyous about the good things that happened in our life. Dont forget about that.
    I wish it were mine. It's moodyt's