Bubbles, Bubbles

Poem written by Lonelyhearts1224 on Saturday 9, October %17

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Witches' strange and funny brews, Halloween poem.

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Bubbles, bubbles burst thy troubles; Grants thy wishes, on the double. A cauldron brewing snails and bees; Its gift, agility to lift hulk trees. A bear claw chain with teeth of gators, shall grant wealth, fame or well~paid labor. Blend parrot porridge with white pigeon wings; And with celestial tones, thou shall then sing. A kitty litter stew with Dolphin fins; Gem spankin' bright, shall gleam thy skin. Paste bunny tails onto a rhino's horn. This spell grants baby health, when one is born. Bubbles, bubbles shall encase thy sorrows. Consult thy crystal ball so thou foresees tomorrow. A n owl or rodent soup with lion ears; Shall hastily end, nightmarish fears. A skunk fur scrub of Apple~cider; Shoos, naughty spooks of Hallo's Eve that tend to bother. A loving heart, with a forbearing soul; Shall churn thy fondest dreams to silver, gold. Swan feathers sewn onto torn ballet shoes; Aids one in keeping close, the beau thou choose. A hairy mole with long~sharp grungy nails; Shall get thou noticed; This mixture, never fails. Bubbles, bubbles, voodoo~dolls or Ju ju charms; Incantations witches ooze to hex, ......... or free from harms. Happy Halloween

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  • Witchcraft 101? Smile Very good!
    - December 11 2021 21:13:57