end things

Poem written by occultoctober on Thursday 23, September 2021

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my younger self, in a darker time

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what if I'm lost? what if I never want to be found? what if the world turns me away and never turns me around? what if I cry like a child who by the world is denied? what if I'm too tired to fend for myself so I always just step aside? what if the pages of my heart are blank like a book that's never been read? what if I sliced and stabbed and cut until to my death I bled? what if I stare into my future and realize I haven't got much? and what if I'm taken away by a man who wants me because I'm soft to the touch? what if I just want to die? into the depths be thrown? what if I want to be in the dark, venture through the black on my own? there are many questions that one could ask as the stars draw their fates in the sky. and there's many a girl who's been out on her own who decided to end things and die.

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    Oh, my! A really tragic ending. I am happy things did not turn out that way.