"Lost Inside the Darkness"

Poem written by mooshiez on Thursday 8, March 2007

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This is hard to describe.....

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You guys, I want you to picture a 16yr old girl telling you this. She's slightly over thick, changes the color of her hair every now and again, and she lives with her mother in a one bedroom apartment. Guess who gets the bedroom.....She's very much into art, music, and Sailor Moon (to those who don't know Sailor Moon, please look it up. It was a right anime highlight.). No matter what she gets involved in, she feels alone. She has a bunch of friends who she hangs out with regularly, and two cats at home that love her to death. Some say it's adolescence; others say she's crazy. You decided. But before you do, think about how you felt around the age of 16, or how you feel now if you are around that age. Think about your peers and yourself. Maybe you have something in common, maybe not. Tell me what you think..... "Lost Inside the Darkness" I am lost inside the darkness, and I like things to be that way, didn't cut any unrevealed body-part, but it's still early in the day. my life is just so simple, all worked up to this one place, but when I'm in front of the mirror, I can't look at my own face. I have loved before, once-or-twice. well, at least my body did. I can't say that I know everything, 'cause I admit, I'm still a kid. My tatted body is history, of what I have endured. A story behind a mystery, which has yet to be procured. I lust for things far deeper than the Bible allows me to share, I conjure up some story of my perfect love affair. My friends all know me very well, and what I've come to be, But I have caught them a couple times, staring... judging me. My mother thinks things are fine, that things couldn't be more right, But she doesn't know that girl I know, the one who cries at night. So, I escape this cruel world, and the things I'm forced to feel. With euphoric hallucinogens, I go somewhere much more real. I am not asking for a pity-party, Your promises, treats, or tricks, I am asking you to hear me out, This is something that you can't fix. I like hurting myself on purpose, things are fine, yes they're ok, See, I am lost inside the darkness, and I like things to be that way. Tara N. Smith©2007

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    wow , this is really intense but i like it
    nice work