You, the storm

Poem written by occultoctober on Thursday 23, September 2021

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just another poem about unrequited love...

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Don’t bother with your words of praise; I know your love isn’t meant for me. Our souls fuse together up in the ether, But our Earthly bodies aren’t meant to be. I can’t tell you that I need you- The way your Earth balances my Air, The way you raise me up and bring me down With one incendiary stare. Set my flesh on fire, Put a knife against my skin, Make me forget the feeling, Then turn your back on me again. I can’t tell you that I want you, So I’ll pour it out in the ways I’m allowed, But my cup will soon run empty, Like rain draining from a cloud. I’d stand in the rain and wait for you If I thought you’d wait for me. I’d give you hints and clues and signs In hopes that one day you’d see, but I can’t tell you that I love you; The wind knocks the air from my lungs. The words are too much for me to say, And the storm has only just begun.

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    Very good! Nicely written! There is some real feeling here.