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Poem written by IndecentAccident on Wednesday 8, September 2021

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A conversation with depression

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I've seen all of this before Your resolve broken on the floor I've seen your head in your hands When you see you're a failure of a man You actually believed you'd win Yet here I am, you've let me in This is just a momentary fall A relapse, I'll recover from it all The hate, the emptiness I abhor I've faced them and beaten them before You know you can't keep me down No matter how much you come around You can't kid yourself any longer With every doubt in your mind, I grow stronger You cannot fight every little thing When it's me that's pulling your strings I am every thought in your brain The one putting a name to your pain Perhaps what you say is true Maybe I'll never be rid of you But know that every time you return It won't be to watch me burn Then it's just you and me until the end So until next time, old friend...

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    Oh wow. Excellent. Really fighting back against this tragic and debilitating disease. Nicely done.