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Poem written by Execute Plan C on Tuesday 31, August %10

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In the beginning, I think we were happy Growing together, we laughed and smiled Tending to you helped me escape from everything I didn't want to face. But eventually I had to face my demons, a battle I could never win alone. Maybe I should've stopped to ask for help, But I figured it was a road I had to travel without you Along the way, I lost the love I had for myself And I forgot that you needed love too My own selfishness blocked out all the light you needed to flourish. Pushing you away into a dark corner to be forgotten As I let doubts and worries creep in like weeds, hiding your true beauty. Intentionally going periods without watering you, I was desperately hoping you'd take the hint. I couldn't even maintain myself How could I continue to nurture you as well? But you never asked more than I could give Whatever I was able to give, you gave me back in return and so much more. I did everything I could to ruin you, But you always stood tall and never wilted I wish I could understand why Whether I wanted it or not, your roots are deeply ingrained in my life now, And whenever I'm sad, your flowers bloom again.

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  • Wow! This is quite profound. And it is beautifully written.
    - September 15 2021 20:01:57