Thinking about Afghanistan

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Recent escalations in Afghanistan

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Been questioning love since I was 3, since that day when I kicked him out of the kindergarten because he had hurt the person I loved the most in front of my eyes..what is it? is it alive? how’s it work? where’s it? I am an advocate for self-love everyday but not the kind of self-love that brings more greediness to our greedy world, I do allow myself to hate me when I feel that I am living a certain life due to my privilege, that’s how I keep myself grounded, by taking whatever happening out there close to my heart, by letting the suffering and sadness of those unprivileged get inside my mind and consume me, letting myself question things that do not directly address me, letting the news and social media ruin my days, letting my mind explode because of the fight that I want to pursue for the lives of the most unlucky ones, for their breaths, their future, their basic human rights, their beating hearts, lots of sleepless nights and tears on my pillow every night, that’s the only way I can pay a tribute to those souls from afar. “Heartbreak” has become such a cheap concept, meaningless heartbreaks have overshadowed meaningful heartbreaks, you act like you are heartbroken every day, so you might as well let such tragedies break your hearts too, let their sadness raise your awareness, let some days in a year not be about you but about them, let your privilege be a guilt rather than something you enjoy to represent everyday. They are the victims at this very moment, not us, their countries are being ruined not ours, their dreams are taken away not ours, it is not your day today, it is theirs, the country you live in isn’t your country but everybody’s,because today they need us more than any other day, because if I were one of them living out in hell I would grab my mama’s and brother’s hands and climb up that airplane too, because the life imagined is worse than unimaginable life in foreign lands. Running away is a common human instinct, running away from fear, running away from something or someone that looks dangerous when you walk down the street at nights, or when you go home and witness violence towards your loved ones, when you are not accepted the way you are in that little circle of yours, you want to run away, always and always, that’s how you are created, you run away from anything that gives you sense of harm, those darkest nights,when you dream about running nonstop, you think that if you run faster you will save yourself and then the wake-up becomes your escape, this is how you get away from danger, it is the first survival instinct that gives you the last hope, you can’t always stay and fight when you don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, you run to save yourself, your life, your dreams, your family, and in this tragedy darkness has wrapped not only nights but days too, there is the sun over their heads but no sunshine, there is the moon in their nights but no moonlight, there are tears in women’s eyes but their whole faces are covered in black, there is fear in children’s hearts but no heartbeats, there is desperation in fathers’ minds but no solutions, our eyes can’t see it all but our minds can imagine it all, maybe we will find love together if our demons don’t stop us all.

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  • You need a good editing here. For instance, a sentence always begins in upper case.

    I can understand what point you are trying to make here. I would restructure this, using language that is less emotional and more formal. And I would present it in a logical order.
    - August 28 2021 18:11:01