Poem written by IndecentAccident on Friday 11, June 2021

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Inspired by Stoicism and the Roman goddess of fortune

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You are either blind or uncaring Unaware of the pain you bring Or delighted to deliver it Either way, you have molded me By your capricious hand I've been on top of the world Then looked up at it And climbed my way back You have left me alone Doubting and loathing myself All I can do is love it And remember it will pass You have given me hope Dealt out peace and laughter All I can do is love it And remember it will pass Through poverty and power In health and sickness All I can do is move forward Fueled by what you throw at me I will change what I can change And learn to love the rest All I can do is smile back at you Driven by what befalls me Whatever you have for me next Whether planned or on a whim I'll turn your obstacles into the way What else is a human to do?

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    Very good. Almost song lyrics. I think you could set these to music.