Prose written by Griffin on Friday 28, May 2021

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Time frozen, the wound still fresh

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Butterfly Seeing the world through eyes that are permanently fogged by the internal storm that has been raging for decades. Dreams of happiness and living in the moment crushed by duty. Duty to provide and protect my people. Weeks turn into months and months to years. Every step I take digs this rut deeper. There is no light down here, just monotony and darkness. Then one day this women floated into my world like a butterfly. Carefree, random and beautiful. She landed on my naked skin and brought light, warmth and the feeling of being wanted. She would stay with me for weeks at a time. Stretching her wings, taking a breathe. All my focus was on her, on us. Often times she would fly away, hover in my vicinity. Far enough away for me to miss her but never out of my sight. I thought about how I could try to make her stay close but quickly realized the feeling of her choosing me was the warmest. Keeping her in a jar meant nothing. As quickly as she arrived, she was gone. Taking off with the warm summer breeze onto her next adventure, not fully realizing the affect she had on me. How could such a small, delicate and beautiful creature leave so much devastation behind? This rut seems deeper and colder than before. I’m grateful for our time but saddened by the outcome. She took more than my heart, she took my desire to find light. I’m am here but not ok.

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    This is sad. Are you referring to butterfly as a woman? It would seem so.

    Nice job.