Enter Eternity

Poem written by IndecentAccident on Saturday 20, March 2021

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The last of humanity looks back at our history. I'm really not sure about the flow in this, any ideas on how to improve it would be great.

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Here at the end of the tale And what a tale it is Of heroes, villains, paupers and kings All equal at the end of all things We basked in all our glories And fell hard in defeat The accomplishments we did achieve Greater than the first man could believe We wrote, we drew We swam, we flew We enter Eternity Not the first to do so We go out in beautiful chorus And will join all who left before us We seem so significant And yet unimportant Our history of monsters and gods Shows our survival against all odds We lived, we breathed We sang, we dreamed

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    I like this. A bit of a Romantic portrait of a knight, I would think. Anyhow, that is how I read it.
    Nicely done.