Gardening for All Seasons part 1

Prose written by Cos99 on Tuesday 16, March 2021

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My feeling sensations towards Gardening

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Horticulture. I stress Horticulture as it sounds professional. Horticulture has the power to enrich and enhance lifes. In recent years it has become more of an all year round pastime. It is a common pastime for many and brings joy for all ages. There are many different options to choose for ones own satisfaction, service, contentment and happiness. One can put their hands to growing some vegetables, weeding a garden path, cutting some flowers or doing the more machinery intensive elements such as strimming, mowing and hedging. All different weather conditions are experienced when tendering to the garden. Gardening in a pure form should be a meditative experience whereby you are tuning into the sounds of nature and tendering to birds, plants, ponds and trees. The time of year has the ability to affect a persons sensory and visual experience. I will start in the autumn because this is when my horticulture journey began. Autumn horticulture is a relaxing time for being in the garden. With all the summer planting finished, it provides some time for stopping to marvel at nature and seeing plants colour turn autumnal. With that said, there are still some nice bits and pieces to attend to. Some plants repeat flower, so a handy pair of secateurs can dead head all the spent foliage. It is also the time of year for considering scarifying and aerating a lawn, for a luscious lawn in the spring.

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    "Horticulture has the power to enrich and enhance lifes. "- This should be lives.
    "I will start in the autumn because this is when my horticulture journey began." You have mixed past and present tense here. You cannot do that. "journey began" should be "Journey begins."

    Not bad. It could be a little longer. You could elaborate on the experience you have when you garden.
    Let's see how part 2 comes out.