Adolescent Love

Poem written by Lonelyhearts1224 on Tuesday 9, March 2021

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A story of what most kids consider love, puppy love

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Birthed from a place of honesty; In humble migrant dwellings of seeded values, family traditions, and guarded interactions ; Even our modest wears, exemplified morality. We fell in love with temporary; As adolescent love, mystically hugged our learning hearts with rainbow's quilt dimensions , of extraordinary. Beneath the wings of songs, we'd hum old nursery tunes, while craving hearts on dry tree trunks; Or passed 'I like you' hidden notes, in story telling time; So inexperienced to detect, 'twas puppy love. The night is brimming with lake water, casting images of ago pecked embraces. Only to sink, when reality challenges its trance. A promise of love, lost. O' how someday we'd wed, respectfully.

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    Marvelous. A wonderful perspective on the early teen crushes.