Great men do not run...

Poem written by Saad El-Asha on Friday 5, February %23

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Great men do not run. We see them standing, on camera and in real life, Giving speeches and resolving conflicts. They walk. Then night fell slowly, As I saw my grandfather running for water, As the barn caught fire. A silhouette in panic at night, Betrays a running chieftain by the fire light, And fire is there to sing.

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  • The conflict between perception and reality was elegantly painted. I am curious. Of what is the fire singing? His bravery? His cowardice? The betrayal of the heart of the observer. It's not needed in the poem itself, but it left a space to think. Well written.
    - February 08 2021 03:00:44
    • Thank you, Myth.
      I believe it only sings the scene as it is. No value added.
      - February 11 2021 23:22:53
      • Superb poem. However, he ran for water. He was brave, and he did run. His actions contradict the title.
        Was that the intent?
        - February 14 2021 20:43:34
        • I think my intention was to investigate the falsehood of behaviour in some "great men".
          - February 16 2021 09:38:22