Great men do not run...

Poem written by Saad El-Asha on Friday 5, February 2021

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Great men do not run. We see them standing, on camera and in real life, Giving speeches and resolving conflicts. They walk. Then night fell slowly, As I saw my grandfather running for water, As the barn caught fire. A silhouette in panic at night, Betrays a running chieftain by the fire light, And fire is there to sing.

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    The conflict between perception and reality was elegantly painted. I am curious. Of what is the fire singing? His bravery? His cowardice? The betrayal of the heart of the observer. It's not needed in the poem itself, but it left a space to think. Well written.
    Thank you, Myth.
    I believe it only sings the scene as it is. No value added.
    Superb poem. However, he ran for water. He was brave, and he did run. His actions contradict the title.
    Was that the intent?
    I think my intention was to investigate the falsehood of behaviour in some "great men".