A Fishing I Will Go

Poem written by pirate60 on Wednesday 18, November 2020

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To fish or not to fish.

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A Fishing I Will Go Today I decided to go fishing, So went to get my pole. I dreamt of catching the big one, But a perch, a more likely goal. The rod I had was broken, In not one place but two. I tossed the rod onto the floor Not knowing what else to do. I went up in the kitchen, And found an old broomstick. I looked at it and smiled; Yes this would do the trick. My line it seemed was broken too, So I went to get some more. I thought I had some in my desk, At least there was before. There inside, I found the spool, But upon it was no line. So I went down in the cellar, And found a ball of twine. Hmm! I thought to myself, Not the best but not the worst. It wouldn’t work all by itself, I need to attach it first. Stick and twine I now had, Next I’d need a hook. I went back to my old pole To have another look. It seems the hook was gone, For it had broken off before. I meant to get another one, Forgot, and there’s no more I sat there with a frown, Which turned into a grin For I thought of something else to use, Yup, a safety pin. What else, I thought, would I need? For it was getting kind-a-late. Why, something to put onto the hook, A hotdog would be great. I had all I needed now, So went out the front door. Only to see it was raining, And I mean a major down pour. So I guess this rhyme is over, There’s nothing more to say. Except that I am now all set, And tomorrows another day.

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    You should learn to fish like my Dad. In his later years, he never used any bait or lures. He didn't want the fish bothering him while he was trying to fish. Cool